Sunday, August 2, 2009

Things aren't always as they seem.....

So yeah....funny story called I now have a new plan as to when and how I'll "tell" my husband. He came up to me yesterday and said "when it comes time for you to take a pregnancy test I want to be with you". I was like "why? I have this super cute idea of how I"m going to tell you." And he responded with, "Well, it's not just you trying to make a baby....we both are. And I want to be involved in everything."

Well, that about made me cry. So of course that is the new plan. BUT...I did show him the cute little outfit I had purchased that said I love Daddy on it. So we have it hanging in the water closet, so when I take a pregnancy test if it's positive I come out holding the outfit. Still cute...not what I envisioned, but still cute.

OH...also, I saw a friends baby in a facebook photo the other day, and she had on the cutest onesie that said "I LOVE GRAMMIE", and apparently they got it at some store in Lexington that will print whatever you want on them. I think I'm going to pick some of those up as a way to tell my family. That would be super cute. :)

Well, anyway, I just wanted to blog about that while I had a second...I"m sure I"ll be back tomorrow to talk all about the CHEER CLINIC that we had yesterday. :) My arm is sore....I'll tell you all about it. :)

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