Friday, August 7, 2009

It's 5 o'clock Somewhere.....

Here I sit at work....3:43pm on a Friday afternoon, and am just COUNTIN down the minutes until it hits 5 so I can head on my weekend way. :) This weekend should be super fun. Hubby and I are heading to the lake. Just us, and our two fur babies. I cannot wait. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous, I'm going to stop and pick up some yummy stuff for the weekend on my way's going to be fabulous!

On another longer purchasing $1 store pregnancy tests. We had a coupon for I think First Response or of those ones that says they're better than the others....and so I picked up a couple of boxes at WalMart last week. I haven't taken a single one. I'm extremely proud of myself. Although...I must does that exactly work?? I mean I get the concept...pee on a stick...or pee in a cup and then place said stick in cup....but my question soon can you take a pregnancy test? The one I have says it works up to 5 days BEFORE your missed aunt flo....but if you have the hormone shouldn't it tell you anytime?? I just don't get it. I am DYING to take one....I want to really really bad, but I think fear has taken over. haha! I dread change. I mean I am super excited to be on this journey that I'm on, but fear of the unknown has definitely taken over...

On a random subject change, I found a new blog at the beginning of the week. I started back at the beginning, and read the entire thing (2 years worth) in 2 days. It was like I couldn't walk away from the computer. It is written by a woman named Rebekah, and it is her and her husbands story of infertility and adoption. I mean I laughed, cried, and felt just about every emotion under the sun while reading her blog. She is an amazing woman, and her faith makes me want to be a better person. My greatest fear has always been what if I can't conceive....but after reading her blog, it makes me feel like even if I can't conceive, it will be okay. I know I am destined to be a mother, and there will be a baby for me. So yeah now that I got all like crazy....I'm gonna go finish up some work so I can have a fantastically carefree weekend. :)

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