Tuesday, August 25, 2009


OKAY....so my title pretty much puts it all out there. Here is the background...my brother is getting married. Great. He has met a wonderful girl who I love very much, and am so incredibly excited that she will be a member of my family. HOWEVER, the wedding planning process is about to do me in. The organization on a scale of 1-10 is -500, we are trying to squeeze in two showers, and a bachelorette party between now and November. Well thats a long time you're saying...doesn't seem to be a big deal...WELL... it is. My lovely sister-in-law to be (who I do love very much) wants everyone to be able to attend everything. Which in theory is great. In reality not so much. People have lives, and things going on, and things come up. So the only weekend everyone in the bridal party is available for her bachelorette she had something planned. She said not an issue I'll rearrange. Great. Apparently, not so much because this morning we received an email from her sister saying how horrible it was that THE BRIDE was having to not go to something she had planned. Which in an ideal world wouldn't happen, but the fact of the matter is SHE (the bride) wants everyone to be able to attend. However, HER SISTER is making me not want to do anything until it's time to board a plane to go to Florida for the wedding. We (the bridesmaids) have already received a facebook message from the sister regarding wedding planning....we are not to even bother the bride with talks of showers, shoes, and bachelorette parties, all correspondence is to go through her (sister). I just really feel so incredibly put out, here I am in someone else's wedding, and am not to talk to them about said wedding...WHAT?!?!

So here I am....frustrated, and wanting to say something, but not sure about it, I don't want to speak for everyone, because who knows....maybe I'm the only one who feels put out by this whole thing. But I'm not a person who can just sit by and let someone's childish antics dictate my feelings. I'm not going to do it. Oh Lord....

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