Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Okay, so now that it's "official" I mean not OFFICIAL OFFICIAL, but we're working on making it official, it's ALL that I can think about. I have taken...not one....not two....but like 5 pregnancy tests. Seriously...every other day I'm like...perhaps today is the day. It's not. haha...and I need to force myself to stop because even though I buy them at the dollar store....if I'm taking one a day that could get costly!!

And I know what you're buy your pregnancy tests at the dollar store?!?!? The answer to that is yes, and here's why.....for those of you who know me, you know I worked at a bank for 2.5 years. While there, a girl that I worked with...let's call her "D" (mother of 2), told the rest of us that when she and her husband are trying she stocks up on Dollar Store pregnancy tests, and then when she gets a positive she goes out and spends the $15 on the digital read out one, because a positive is a positive....either you have the hormone or you don't.

So that's my theory now too. I have stocked up on Dollar Store versions (which are quickly depleting), and when I get a positive, then I'll "splurge". :)

I'm super excited....already figuring out ways to tell my friends, family, and most importantly my hubby! None of which I can talk about because I have at least one friend and one family member that I know of that follow my blog! So, I guess I'll tell you how I'm going to tell my husband...BUT NO TELLING! :)

I purchased like oh I don't least a month ago the cutest little outfit at Babies R Us. It's yellow (gender neutral), has a matching hat and bib, and on the bib it says I LOVE MY DADDY. I'm going to be "doing laundry" and ask him to put away his items, and when he opens up a drawer, there will be the outfit with a card from me, and probably some pampers....the note will say something along the lines of....better make room for me...I'll see you in xxx month or something. I don't know...I'm pretty excited about it. I did a lot of research online for cute ideas. What will probably happen is he'll be there when I take the test and I'll just start screaming. LOL. Oh well...such is life I suppose.

So my husband has been ADAMENT about me cutting back on my coffee. I keep telling him that one cup a day will be fine, and that is all that I drink. I have been adding in extra fruits and veggies (need to buy more V8 splash)...and while reading online the other day I found a list of different kinds of fish, and cheeses that you can and can't eat while pregnant. So he and I were having that conversation the other day and he then starts doing research online, and comes to the conclustion that I should be fine eating whatever cheese that I want. God forbid though I keep drinking coffee. I was like have you lost your mind?!?! It says no queso (at Mexican restaurants), no brie, no feta...and gosh darn it I'm not eatin it. It does however say that you can have up to 200mg of caffeine a day. I drink one cup of coffee in the mornings....with milk and a little splenda (which I may be cutting out...I've been hearing bad things), and I think that will be fine. It's not like I sit at work and drink coffee all day long or anything like that. Oh la vie. :)

Okay, so what was meant to be a short and sweet post has now turned into multiple paragraphs. So yeah, that is all for now. Talk to you soon!!

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