Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Window's Wide Open

ALLELUIA! Prayers worked!! Doctor said everything looked fantastic...apparently, whatever she thought she "felt" or whatever wasn't the way it was. WOOHOO!! So the ultrasound went great. They took some pictures and put them in my file...I got to see my little egg....hard to imagine an egg being cute...but I felt such pride seeing it. I asked if they saw any babies in there...and my doctor joked she only saw two of 'em. ha! Hubby would die....lol.

So we're back on track. Had a little blip on the radar, but things look great, I feel great, and hopefully great = baby.

Thanks for all the prayers and continued support as we walk through this journey.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Door Closes...See Window...Window's Locked....


Okay, so we spent too much money. We were going to overdraw our account. THEN, my husband receives a check in the mail for a survey he took in just the right amount to deposit into our account. No overdraw. Which makes me think, HE does provide for us. He is our strength, rock, and saviour. Yes, I'm talking about Jesus, and God...not hubby. Although he does provide for me.....

When he received the check in the mail hubby said to me...isn't it funny that whenever we are about to overdraw our account, somehow we wind up with money to cover it? Yes I said....very funny. Naturally, being who I am, I begin to think about our baby journey. I felt at peace with it. I know that when HE is ready for us to conceive, we will. And I felt amazing all day yesterday. And then today happens.

I had my first apointment with my new obgyn this morning. I explained my medical history, and told her that my previous doctor used to tell me that my cervix liked to hide. So there I am....in THE ROOM...feet in stirrups (not pants), feeling slightly uncomfortable, when she says, "I think I want to send you in for an ultrasound". She must have heard the panic in my voice as I said "what for?"...because she then very nicely explained that I have some "abnormality" in my hooha...that makes me "special"...and she just wants to check it out to make sure it isn't something we need to worry about. W T F ?!?!? I mean jeez...I have been seeing gynos since what....17 or 18 years old?? NO ONE THOUGHT TO MENTION TO ME THAT MY HOOHA WAS SPECIAL?!?!

So, needless to say...I am now incredibly freaked out. I don't ask for prayer...but please keep me in your thoughts....as I try to figure out what on earth is going on. I have an ultrasound next week.....I swear...if it isn't one thing....it's another....

Friday, October 16, 2009

What Happened to Fall?!?!

So it's FREEZING. I don't know what happened the the nice cool sunny fall weather, but it has been replaced by chilled days rainy days and super cold nights. :( Makes me sad. Also makes me want November to get here even faster so we can go on vacation! CAN'T WAIT!! SUPER EXCITED!! I created a list of all the top places in Naples, food, and places to go so that maybe when we're down there hubby and I can go and do things that we haven't done before. :) I also added a little blurb about Naples, and some interesting facts. Here is the list......

Ritzy Naples is located in Florida's near-tropical southwest corner. With white beaches, ample water access, and upscale restaurants and shops, this is an ideal place for those seeking a splash of summer in January or for business people in search of a hospitable setting for corporate meetings. The city's swank shopping districts, Third Street and Fifth Avenue, boast some of the top boutiques and specialty shops on Florida's Gulf Coast. Naples also features a potpourri of fine dining options, where award-winning chefs dazzle diners with fresh, innovative cuisine. Want to get back to nature? The parklands surrounding Naples, including Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, offer numerous opportunities for recreation and exploration. But the big draw here is the wide, sandy beach. Ranging from the exciting bustle of popular Naples Pier to the less-congested Barefoot Beach or Clam Pass, no trip to Naples is complete without a stop along the scenic coastline.

Interesting Facts

Naples received its name in the late 19th century when advertisers boasted that it rivaled the bay of Naples, Italy.
2. In 1887 Kentucky newspaper owner Walter N. Haldeman and a group of his colleagues purchased Naples and built a T-shaped pier that extended into the
Gulf of Mexico .
3. The opening of Naples
Hotel drew many of the rich and famous, including Thomas Edison, Rose Cleveland and Harry Firestone, and jumpstarted the town's real estate market.
4. Bill Cosby and numerous other world-class performers have graced the stage at the Philharmonic Center of the Arts, a cultural gem of the Naples area.
5. Think green.... Over 80 championship courses make Naples a desirable
golfing destination for both leisure and competition.
6. Well known residents of Naples include Jane Seymour, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Capriati, Mike Ditka and Don Shula.
7. From lizards to lions to lemurs, numerous fascinating creatures in an enchanting botanical garden greet visitors at the nationally accredited Naples Zoo. Highlights of the park include the tiger forest and the primate exhibition
8. Explore the Everglades! Naples is surrounded by natural wonders that are easily accessible on an airboat tour through the island habitats of alligators, dolphins, manatees, bears, and birds.
9. Need a break from the sand and sunshine? With cutting edge architecture, a glass dome conservatory and 15 galleries of fine art from a variety of cultural backgrounds, the Naples Art Museum adds a cosmopolitan dimension to this popular vacation spot.
10. Fond of furry friends? The Teddy Bear Museum of Naples whimsically displays 5000+ bears of all kinds including crystal, wood and marble forms of the beloved critter.

Top 10 Naples Restaurants
Category: International - Naples Restaurants
Address: 1177 3rd St S, Naples, FL 34108
This classy Third Street eatery, located in an old mercantile building, is popular in the Naples area. Inside, you'll find an inviting dining area, spacious bar area, and a large, open kitchen complete with a traditional wood-burning oven. The menu bears a definite Tuscan lilt, and Chef Wicklander offers such...
The Riverwalk at Tin City
Category: American Continental - Naples Restaurants
Address: 1200 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102
Located at "Tin City," Riverwalk offers diners a waterfront dining experience. The restaurant was designed with a nautical theme in mind, and waterside tables are available. A variety of seafood specialties are available here, including pan-roasted sea bass, yellowfin tuna, and red snapper. Riverwalk also offers...
Amore Ristorante
Category: International - Naples Restaurants
Address: 4681 9th St N, Naples, FL 34103
This Naples restaurant, located at the Neapolitan Way shopping center, serves excellent traditional Italian cuisine. The atmosphere here is charming and comfortable, and the service is impeccable. Chef Guiseppe Amore's pasta dishes are, in essence, sublime.
Chops City Grill
Category: American Continental - Naples Restaurants
Address: 837 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102
Situated near the intersection of Eighth Street and Fifth Avenue, Chops City Grill fancies itself as serving "The Best Steaks in Town" – and there is a good chance their claim is right on. The atmosphere here is fun and upbeat, from the Art Deco décor to the eclectic menu. Dishes range from Pacific cod, Maui bluenose,...
H. B.'s on the Gulf
Category: Naples Restaurants
Address: 851 Gulf Shore Blvd North, Naples, FL 34102-5332
H.B.'s on the Gulf is an upscale restaurant-bar located right on the beach. This is a popular place for people to gather for drinks, and the patio area tends to fill up quickly. Although the menu consists of such dishes as gumbo and salads, the food is not necessarily what attracts people here.
M Waterfront Grille
Category: American Continental - Naples Restaurants
Address: 4300 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Village on Venetian Bay, Naples, FL 34103
Maxwell's on the Bay is one of the Naples area's favorite seafood restaurants. This restaurant is simply, yet elegantly, decorated, the decorators opting to emphasize the picturesque views of Naples Bay en lieu of obtrusive interior furnishings. The menu offers such savory entrées as New England lobster, nut crusted...
Bha! Bha! A Persian Bistro
Category: International - Naples Restaurants
Address: 847 Vanderbilt Beach Rd, Naples, FL 34108
Bha! Bha! is an upscale restaurant that is unique in the Naples area, for it specializes in Persian cuisine. The restaurant's interior is noteworthy for its traditional décor, which includes authentic Persian rugs and artwork. Chef Michael Muir wows patrons with such dishes as basmati rice and duck pomegranate. Be...
Bay House Restaurant
Category: American Continental - Naples Restaurants
Address: 799 Walkerbilt Rd, Naples, FL 34110
Overlooking beautiful Osprey Bay and the Cocohatchee Wildlife Preserve, the Bay House is one of the most respected seafood restaurants in the Naples area. This casual restaurant serves fresh seafood dishes, as well as some steak and chicken options. The best tables have views of the surrounding waterways.
Old Naples Pub
Category: Naples Restaurants
Address: 255 13th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102
The Old Naples Pub is located in the thick of one of Naples's leading shopping zones. The lunch and dinner menu strays a bit from the traditional pub fare, offering everything from fish and chips and burgers to Caesar salads and bratwurst. This is a cool place to hang, and patrons are always treated like long-lost...

First Watch Restaurant
Category: Naples Restaurants
Address: 225 Banyan Blvd, #100, Naples, FL 34102
First Watch Restaurant is located just west of the center of Olde Naples, near Lowdermilk Park. The restaurant serves better-than-average diner fare in an atmosphere that is reminiscent of a tearoom. This is a great place to visit for either breakfast or lunch. You have your choice of an omelet, soup and sandwich...

Top 10 Naples Attractions
Barefoot Beach Preserve Park
Category: Best Attractions & Activities - Naples Attractions & Activities
Address: 2 Barefoot Beach Blvd, off Bonita Beach Rd SW, Bonita Springs, FL 34134
beach fun at its natural, undeveloped best, Collier County's Barefoot Beach Preserve gets top billing thanks to its pristine tropical hammocks, tidal creeks and mangrove swamps. The park's unspoiled quality makes it a thriving location for animals like the gopher tortoise and loggerhead sea turtle. This 342-acre beach preserve features a...
Clam Pass County Park
Category: Best Attractions & Activities - Naples Attractions & Activities
Address: Seagate Dr, Naples, FL 34103
Clam Pass is located near the famous Registry Hotel . Here, you'll find beautiful boardwalks that follow along the beach, over five miles of kayak trails, and acre after acre of mangrove swamps.
Collier County Museum
Category: Best Attractions & Activities - Naples Attractions & Activities
Address: 3301 Tamiami Trl E, Naples, FL 34112-4902
The Collier County
Museum is the place to go if you want to find out more about the history of Florida's southwest corner. You'll see exhibits on paleontology, botany, geology, and other disciplines. From the Seminoles to Ponce de León to the frontier families – this museum spans the generations.
Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
Category: Best Attractions & Activities - Naples Attractions & Activities
Address: 375 Sanctuary Rd W, Naples, FL 34120-4865
Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is located approximately 15 miles north of Olde Naples . This cypress forest, maintained by the Audubon Society, is actually a sanctuary for all types of endangered animals, including owls, alligators, hawks and a variety of songbirds.
Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park
Category: Best Attractions & Activities - Naples Attractions & Activities
Address: 11135 Gulf Shore Dr N, Naples, FL 34108
Delnor-Wiggins Pass
State Park is located just north of Vanderbilt Beach. The beautiful beach begins at the Cocohatchee River and stretches south for one mile. The area offers fishing, picnic facilities, a nature trail, and outdoor showers.
Lowdermilk Park
Category: Best Attractions & Activities - Naples Attractions & Activities
Address: 1301 Gulf Shore Blvd North, Naples, FL 34102
Lowdermilk Park is located near the intersection of Gulf Shore Boulevard and Banyan Boulevard. This is Southwest
Florida's beach headquarters. You'll find plenty of leisure activities here, including volleyball and water sports. This is known as one of Naples's best party spots.
Naples Municipal Beach and Pier
Category: Best Attractions & Activities - Naples Attractions & Activities
Address: 25 - 12th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102
Located near the intersection of 12th Avenue South and Gulf Shore Boulevard, Naples Beach is a throwback to the city's early days as a resort town. The pier is still the center of the city for many, especially the area fishermen who like to cast off the 1,000-foot construct. Restroom facilities and a parking area are located here.
Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens
Category: Best Attractions & Activities - Naples Attractions & Activities
Address: 1590 Goodlette-Frank Rd, Naples, FL 34102-5260
Get close to animals from alligators to zebras inside this historic botanical garden and nationally accredited zoo. Guided cruises glide through islands of monkeys, lemurs, and apes. The zoo offers a full day of excitement including two new shows: Planet Predator and Serpents: Fangs & Fiction. Both feature live animals and stunning wildlife video....

Palm Cottage
Category: Best Attractions & Activities - Naples Attractions & Activities
Address: 137 12th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102-7002
Palm Cottage, built by famous newspaperman Walter Haldeman, is the second oldest home in Naples. This 19th century home was built entirely of local materials and now provides visitors the chance to see firsthand what life was like in another era. In the post-World War II era, the home provided the setting for celebrity parties that were attended...
The Conservancy of Southwest Florida
Category: Best Attractions & Activities - Naples Attractions & Activities
Address: 1450 Merrihue Dr, Naples, FL 34102
The Conservancy of Southwest Florida is the place to get introduced to some of Florida's most famous – not to mention indigenous – residents. This mangrove swamp area is actually a treasure trove of wildlife: snakes, turtles, alligators, bald eagles, and others. The park offers nature trails, boat rides, and the Natural Science Museum.

So I realize thats a LOT to take in. BUT....it's awesome. It's also better with the pictures I added to my handout, but for some reason I can't get them to upload into my blog. So for now you'll just have to envision. :) Talk to you soon!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For all you men

Just an FYI....when you go out of town, and you don't speak to your wife hardly at all due to her being at work, and you at a convention, do NOT call her up in the evening and only speak to her for 2 minutes and 8 seconds. When wife's not happy....no one is happy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Another month....Another visit.....

Well, we are getting ready to start our 5TH MONTH! Or rather 5th cycle of trying to get pregnant. Each month is highly anticipated, followed by a let down. We've decided we're not going to "try" for a while. Although, we won't be doing anything to prevent us from getting pregnant, I think part of the problem is I am just so anxious about it. So no more trying to get pregnant...just enjoying life and my hubby.

Speaking of hubby, he left this am to go to Atlanta for the week. Some convention or something about different things that they sell at the store. So I'm all alone this week...just me and the poochies. :)

The weekend was VERY busy. Friday night we had dinner with hubby's brother and his partner, and we also kept my bff's baby boy. LOVE HIM. :) It was a fun time. And of course the food was fantastic. Although, it was difficult to eat while entertaining a 6 month old. If it had been my baby, probably would have gotten a sitter. But I did enjoy every minute of being with him. He is such an adorable little thing...just makes my heart melt looking into his sweet face.

Saturday morning was up early and getting ready to go. We had a 2 hour drive to Jasper, Indiana for hubby's family reunion. It was...OK. We drove 2 hours to spend time with his family, which we could've done with a 20 minute drive. I mean it's possible I guess that some people hung out with other colored shirts (we were blue), but hubby and I stuck with our blue peeps. We ended up staying the night at a hotel, and quite frankly....that was the best part. We stayed up late with his aunt, two uncles, and some cousins. We had an absolute ball.

Sunday was up early again to head back to the 'ville. We did some cleaning, hubby's brother came over and hung up some pictures, I did some grocery shopping, and then we went to my aunt & uncles house for dinner. We are planning my brother's couple's shower, which is in 2 weeks. Coming up quick I tell you what! In just 4 weeks we'll be getting last minute stuff for our trip to FLORIDA! Can not wait. :) I guess that's all for now. I'll talk to you soon. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh Man.......

Okay, so I am pretty much IRATE right now. All over one stupid elliptical machine. And my dumb brothers stupid control issues. He would rather something (that I own by the way) sit unused in the basement of his house (that he doesn't live in by the way) than me be able to use it. I am so upset and mad and just frustrated with the situation. Of course my mother defends him....like she always does. "Well, clearly there is some underlying issue" Well, mother, of course there is. HE is a a control freak. He doesn't want me to have it just because he thinks its his. So he has my elliptical held hostage in his house, he actually owns a treadmill that is just sitting in my parents basement. Why you ask don't you go and get that? Funny story called I tried that too. Well, if you're using the elliptical then can't I go and get the treadmill? No, apparently he runs outside and it will be winter soon and he'll be cold. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME?!?!

This is the life I live. This is the person I have to deal with. Here I am, busting my butt to get his shower taken care of and looking fantastic, and I get treated like some stranger. I told him last night that I was going to go and pick up the elliptical. He told me he would call the cops on me. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME?!?!

Allegedly my mother says he called her back last night and said I could go and pick up the elliptical, that it wasn't worth it to him. Seriously?!?! Because like 5 minutes ago it was so worth it you were willing to call the cops on your own sister. So guess what....I'm not taking it. If he has some control issue regarding this dang machine then just keep it. It's not like he called me up and said you know what....I'm an asshole...just go and get it. I don't know what I was thinking. HELLO!!!

Okay so yeah....that's all I'm going to say about that. I am really freakin pissed off with my brother at this point. I'm supposed to give a toast for his wedding....don't really feel up to it now. As far as I'm concerned I"ll see him when I have to....but I"m not going to make any sort of initiative to see him otherwise. Why on earth would I want to spend time hanging out with someone who treats me so horrible?? THE END

Friday, October 2, 2009

Buzz Buzz Buzz....Busy as a Bee....

Oh my goodness! Fall is officially here in the bluegrass state! It is the beginning of OCTOBER! Completely insane. This year is absolutely FLYING by. We have had so much going on this last month. I've been busy with coaching...Junior League is starting to pick up...not to mention, we began work on finishing our basement! VERY exciting. Hubby and my dad have been working at night after they get home from work. God love 'em. I'm in charge of drinks. ;) They've already completed 1/2 of the entire side wall of the basement, and one new wall for the bedroom. :) I cannot wait for it to be completed. It is going to be so fantastic. We're going to have a bedroom, bathroom, bar area, and just a huge open space for entertaining and TV. And my one thing that I want is window seats that lift for storage over by the bay window. Hubby doesn't like that idea much, but I think it's starting to grow on him when I go through all the things that we can store there! We are going to have one odd shaped space. It is 2' x 8'-10' depending. It's too big for a closet, but too small to be useful. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

So as you can see, we have been crazy busy at home, and I've also been CRAZY busy with work. This past week we went to a Motivational Seminar. It was absolutely fantastic! We listened to Zig Ziegler, Terry Bradshaw, Rick Pitino, Laura Bush, Colin Powell, and some others that I can't remember their names. It was very inspirational, and interesting to hear what all of those people had to say. Some were funny, some were serious, but all in all it was a great day.

Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now. I'll talk to you soon!