Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Okay, so I have about a million and one things that I should be doing here at work....instead, here I sit and blog. In my defense, I haven't blogged in quite a few days so I feel like I really need to get some of this out of my system. :)

SO...First up, my husband and I are meeting with a loan officer today. I'm excited and nervous and slightly anxious (big surprise) about it. I'm sure we'll be fine, we have everything in order where it needs to be, and we have been pre-approved by another lender already....but the back of my mind I'm terrified that we won't be approved and then what happens to my gorgeous new home?!?! Now, for those of you that don't know me, my thoughts are nothing unusual...I had similar thoughts Sunday morning as I was driving to my accountants office to drop off all of our tax information. I was completely terrified that we were going to owe. Now, first off I don't even think it would be possible for us to owe....I mean I was unemployed for almost a quarter last year! Needless to say, picked up our "packet" this afternoon and we do not owe. We actually are getting a nice little lump sum back. Which is great, because we need that money for our down payment on the house. :)

Something that I am doing to keep my mind off of feeling anxious about meeting with the loan officer....I have started planning our Derby party. I know...I have completely lost it. It's not even within 8 weeks and here I am planning away. Figuring up menus, games to have, it's ridiculous. My cousin posted on my facebook that I was Nanny II...and for those of you who don't know my grandmother...clearly that is where I received my early party planning skills from. I however do not prepurchase food and store it in the freezer. ;) Yes folks thats right...most of my grandmother's parties consist of freezer burned food that neither I nor my husband will eat. We make sure to eat off of the dishes that other people have brought for the occasion. Now...not to say I don't love my grandmother, because I definitely do, I just don't want people to have freezer burned food at my home. :)

So yes, that is what is going on with me...on top of all that, my best friend is pregnant and she is due the same day we're set to close on the house! HOWEVER...she went to the doctor this past Monday (5 weeks to go) and the baby weighs 7 POUNDS!! Totally crazy. So now I'm feeling nervous and anxious about that as well. The baby will be my God-son, and already I feel protective of the little guy. Doesn't hurt that I wasn't raised with any sisters, and I'm convinced that is why God gave me her. Makes me nervous for her...I mean I wouldn't want some 10 pound turkey comin out my hoohah. Not that I'm comparing my darling God-son to a turkey...but you get the idea. weekend I'm going to go over to their house and help her get everything in order that needs to be in order. It's funny because she is always the organized planner of the two of us, and yet here I am helping her to plan and get organized. But I suppose when you have pregnancy brain you can use even me for help. :)

Okay yeah so now I have to get back to work. I'll talk to you soon!

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