Monday, March 2, 2009

Movin on up....

WE GOT OUR CLOSE DATE SET!! We are closing on our house Friday April 3, 2009!! It's completely insane. To think that in 4 weeks I will be packing up the few things we have at my parents house....and buying's crazy. :) I absolutely cannot wait. We picked out paint colors yesterday and it makes me so ready to get in and get the house painted. We chose a yellow for the kitchen, and a shade lighter of yellow for the butler's pantry and laundry room which of course are just adjacent to the kitchen. Then for the main living space we chose a very warm neutral brown. I LOVE it. THEN...our dining room is open to the main living space, but it has two walls that we are going to paint a medium shade of green, and our mast bedroom is going to be one shade darker in the green. The loft will be painted the same as the main living space, and we decided to leave the bathrooms white for now and just accessorize them with color. Also, we are leaving the two spare bedrooms white for now until we can decide what we want to do. Quite frankly, it will depend on when we get pregnant, and once we find out what we're having. :) The front extra bedroom has a gorgeous big 'ol window, and some people might think why on earth would you want to put a baby in a room with a big 'ol window...but I think with the pefect window treatments it would make the best little girls room, and the back bedroom for a little boy. :) paint colors there yet. We'll see what happens. Well, thats all for now...I was just so excited that I had to let you all know!! WOOHOO!!!

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