Monday, February 16, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday....OOOooooOOOO

Hello Hello Hello! What a WONDERFUL weekend I had. :) It started at around 2:30ish on Friday. My WONDERFUL husband had flowers sent to me at work. :) They are absolutely gorgeous. We met at Sam's after work to get some fruit for a fruit salad that we were taking to his Grandpa's Friday night for a family dinner. It was a semi-sad occasion. We were celebrating February birthdays, which include Geoffrey's grandmother (passed in 2006) and his Uncle Steve who tragically passed last month. But with a family as large as his, with so many kids running around, it wasn't sad long.

Saturday I was able to sleep in...sort of...and then got caught up on my tv shows that I dvr'd during the week while Geoff went into work for a while. When he got home we had some lunch and then went to check out the house! They primed all of the interior walls and got the ceilings painted. :) It was very exciting. After that we went home to start getting ready for dinner. We had an 8:15 dinner reservation at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. It was FANTASTIC. :) Very yummy, and after dinner we went downtown to his brothers house for a quick minute. Then back home...where the romance didn't end.....

So on Sunday we got up and went to the grocery...I had plans with my mom to go and visit my cousins babies yesterday...and yes I said babieS. Twin girls...and we had decided to take some dinner and things over so they could just relax and not have to worry about food for the evening or tonight we took over TONS. So we went over there last night around 4:30...we stayed for 2 HOURS! It was so much fun. And let me tell you...identical twins....seriously...can't even tell them apart. It's totally crazy. On top of having 2 new babies, they also have an 18-month old daughter as well. 3 girls under the age of 2! God bless 'em.

So that was my fun weekend. I always think of like millions of things I want to say and by the time I actually have time to sit down and type things out I ramble nothingness for a few paragraphs and log out. Oh well. That's my life in a nutshell!!

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