Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Papa Update

So...I was going back over my blog, and realized I haven't given an update on my grandfather in like almost 8 weeks! So...here goes nothin.....

I'll start back at the beginning....my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of November. They didn't know what kind, or where it was, just that his counts were high, and we would have to wait for him to have all sorts of scans and meet with the oncologist. WELL...it turned out it was lung cancer. And it did in fact spread. He has tumors all over his brain, in his bones, lungs, spine....just basically one big cancerous mess. And it is a fast progressing kind of cancer....not good news.

The treatment plan started immediately. He began radiation, and he went for that daily....and he started with chemo, which he goes to every Tuesday. He is staying strong, and trying to stay positive; as is everyone else in the family. My grandparents have decided to stay in Florida for now.

At this point, he has finished his first round of radiation, will be finished with his first round of chemo next Tuesday, and when he went and had his blood work done last week and met with the oncologist yet again, the oncologist said he couldn't be more please with how the cancer is reacting to the treatments. He also said that Papa is doing better than 99% of the people who come in with cancer as bad as he has it. YAY!!

Our family has really come together with this, and has tried to have someone down there with them the entire time so that my Nanny doesn't have to take him to all the treatments by herself. We were down there until the end of November, then one of my aunts went down, followed by one of my cousins, then another cousin, and now another aunt just got down there last night. My parents will be going down next week to spend the New Year with them, and I just found out yesterday my mom has decided she is going to stay until about mid to late January. No one else has planned on going, and she said she felt someone needed to be there, and she is the only one who can take the time off....she can work from there just as easily as she can work from here....it's just someone else will have to physically take people to look at properties. (She's a realtor)

So I guess that's all the information I have up until now. They're trying to fatten Papa up....he's getting to skinny my cousin Chris said. So, buying lots of high fat things...and he's drinking protein shakes mixed with whole milk and ice cream. Ha! Wish someone would think I needed to be fattened up! That's his silver lining in all this....all the ice cream. :)

Okay, time to get back to work...just wanted to give an update as I was thinking about it.

Merry CHRISTmas!!

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