Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time Flies...

Okay, so it's been like FOREVER since I have blogged!! So much has happened since then....first, I have a new sister-in-law. My baby brother got married. It was an absolute blast. For anyone who isnt' yet married...beach wedding is the way to muss, no fuss, and it was absolutely gorgeous! I didn't know this before, but also my brother got married on our grandparents 62nd wedding anniversary! Which in and of itself is totally awesome, but also my brother and Papa share the same birthday! Extra special. :)
Speaking of my grandfather....we got more bad news regarding his cancer. He has a fast progressing kind, and it did start in his lung. He has started radiation and chemo, and hopefully will be home the week after Christmas. :( So lots of prayers sent this way would be so very appreciated....

Okay, on to happier yes Florida was to spend so much time with my hubby. It was very nice. It was weird to come back to work actually because we had been together almost every second of every day for 12 days! It was weird to be without him...but I find myself adjusting well and getting back into the swing of our routine. In case you didn't read my previous post, this weekend is the Junior League Hollydays event! It is going to be fantastic, and I hope anyone who is interested in coming does! Friday night I'll be there, and also Saturday morning...I am helping with the breakfast with Santa...I am reading Polar Express! Super excited about that. :) THEN on Saturday night is Girls night with my girlfriends....we're having a Pampered Chef party, AND an ornament exchange. I'm really excited about that too. Then on Sunday I have GOT to get my house back in order....I swear...being gone for 10 days it's amazing how long it takes you to get everything sorted through! We haven't even unpacked yet! Ridiculous....the fridge is empty....its just ridiculous! Okay...time to get back to the grind. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I'll talk to you soon!!

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