Friday, July 24, 2009


So it's official now people....we are trying to have a baby. Lots of prayers sent my way would be very much appreciated. I am anxious, nervous, excited, all rolled into one. It's so weird...I mean I have wanted this for so long, and now that it's here I am just so incredibly nervous. My husband keeps telling me not to think about it so much because if we don't get pregnant right away he doesn't want me to be upset...HELLO...I'M A GIRL! Of course I'll be uspet....I'll just have to try and not tell him or show that I'm upset. I'm hoping with lots of prayers that we will get pregnant right away. Oh man.... being the planner that I am....naturally have picked out all sorts of things that I want to register for when we find out we're pregnant. I put them all on a list and printed it out to show my hubby and it's 15 PAGES!! Who knew babies needed 15 pages worth of stuff! But of course it's like everything I could want. And he was going through the list last night and was going okay okay no no definitely not no okay was super cute. LOL. We're so different as far as things like that go. I look at something and am like okay that's really cute let's get that, and then he'll look at it and examine and be like well this part is wobbly and it's not really put together very well over here and then I'm like oh...okay well what do you like. LOL. Needless to say, if our wedding registry was any indication, registering for a baby is going to take FOREVER! For kitchen stuff we spent 3.5 hours at Bed Bath and Beyond.....I can see them having to kick us out of Babies R Us. haha!

On another note....I am coaching Cheerleading this fall at my church. I have the 3/4 grade team. I am super excited about it. I met with the other coach last night to discuss some stuff...we're having a 3 hour clinic next Saturday to sort of "bond" as a team, and learn some easy chants and things like that. Then the following week they start at GymTyme, a local gymnastics place, and then the week after that we'll add in their cheer practices at school. I am going to be one busy lady I tell you what.
On top of all the cheerleading stuff, my brother's wedding seems to be coming up at lightning speed! I have to get fitted for my dress tomorrow (which should be interesting considering I'm trying to get pregnant), I'm curious as to what they'll say when I tell them that. I've seen the dress, and quite frankly am a little nervous as to how I'll look with a baby belly in that dress. If I can figure out how to put in a picture I will....they're going to be pink with a pink sash. I DID IT! I POSTED A PHOTO!! WOOHOO!! So yes, this is the dress, this is the dress color, and the sash will be the same pink. So it is by far not anywhere near anything maternity. Any thoughts on this from anyone would be greatly appreciated. :) It is flowy though which makes me think it might be alright, but I'm just nervous about it. So yeah, I guess that's all I have for now. Talk to you soon!!

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