Friday, May 7, 2010

26 Weeks!

Major excitement: Your baby opens his eyes! On the flip side, you might wish yours would stay closed so you could get some sleep!

What's up with your baby? He now weighs a full two pounds and measures nine-plus inches. And this week, his eyes, which until now were developing under fused eyelids, start to open. Of course, there's not much to see in there, but if your baby spots a bright light (or hears a loud noise) near your belly, you may notice an increase in fetal activity. ("Hey, I"m in here, Mommy! Where's the party?!") What accounts for that response? His brain is more developed and sophisticated.
WOW! So much is changing again this week! It's so hard to imagine all that is going on in there. I mean I know I read about it all the time, but still...I have a hard time believing I'm pregnant. Which is weird considering I am HUGE, my feet are already beginning to swell, and I'm hot as hell. haha....and it's only May. :(
Hubby and I actually tried the light thing like last week....maybe I'll send him this information and we'll try it again this week. Definitely cool. :) Little man still has no name, and moves ALL the time. He is seriously active. I love every minute of it. :)

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