Friday, May 28, 2010

29 WEEKS!!


Baby's energy is surging, thanks to the formation of white fat deposits beneath the skin. (Have those kicks and jabs to the ribs tipped you off yet?) Baby is also settling into sleep and waking cycles, though -- as you've also probably noticed -- they don't necessarily coincide with your own. Also this month, all five senses are finally functional, and brain and nervous system are going through major developments.


Your baby's packing on the pounds, which look so cute on him. If only you could say the same for your varicose veins....

How big is your baby this week? He weighs nearly three pounds now and measures about 17 inches. Though he's getting pretty close to his birth length, he still has to chub out a bit. In fact, over the next 11 weeks, he'll more than double - or even come close to tripling - his weight. And as he grows and the room in your womb gets tighter, you'll be less likely to feel those big kicks, and more likely to get poked by an elbow or jabbed by a knee!

HOLY MOLY! I know I've been tallying how far along I am for weeks, but to hear that there's only 11 more to go is just insane. I feel like there is so much I need to tell from this past week, but at the moment I have nothing to say. Baby is moving as I type. Must know I'm thinking about him. :) Had our doctors visit this week.....gained some more weight. :P On the bright side of things, I passed my glucose test! YAY!! That was super exciting....I sure would've been sad if I had to give up my nightly ice cream routine. Like seriously would have been devastated. LOL. That is so pathetic. Oh well....story of my pregnant life....Here's this week's stats!!

HOW FAR ALONG: 29 weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN / LOSS: + 6 more....which puts me at like over 20....I'm sick of counting quite frankly. LOL.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Yup....had a meltdown yesterday morning because I had nothing to wear. I ended up wearing a shirt I had already worn once this week. Time to go to the consignment store again I think...

STRETCH MARKS: Sadly yes. I saw my first one on my belly on Wednesday. Talk about depressing.

SLEEP: Surprisingly doing a little bit better. Although, I do not recommend watching Transformers before going to you weird dreams that keep you up all night. Very weird....

BEST MOMENTS LAST WEEK: Hearing my baby boy's heartbeat again. Never ever ever gets old. And also passing my glucose test on the first try! I was super excited. :)

MOVEMENT: All the time. I read that I should be counting his movements about 30 minutes or so after I eat, and he should move 10 times within an hour....I gave that a try, and It didn't take me 30 seconds to count 10 movements. This boy is all over the place!

FOOD CRAVINGS: Yeah...still the donuts. LOL! No wonder I keep gaining 6lbs every time I go to see my doctor. :) And I must have ice cream every night. It's really quite sad....


LABOR SIGNS: None yet....although I have been having some horrendous lower back pain...but my heating pad helps with that.

BELLY BUTTON IN OR OUT: Still in. Very weird...I thought it was supposed to be out by now. One of my girlfriends told me her belly button never stuck out just got really flat, and I'm wondering if that's how I'm going to be.

WHAT I MISS: Well, I had to buy a maternity bathing suit. So I miss my regular ones. I feel like a beached whale in my new one....

WHAT I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO: A nice relaxing weekend this weekend at the lake. Even though I look like a whale, I'm going to enjoy the sun and water and just relax and not stress about anything. I cannot wait. :)

MILESTONES: Passing Glucose...FO SHO!!

It's just so hard to believe I only have 11 weeks left! Makes me very nervous. Last weekend I got all of Ben's clothes washed and put away. His room smells so fresh and clean. :) Hubby got home from his golf trip and opened up one of the drawers and just inhaled that fresh and clean baby smell. I'm just so excited I can hardly stand it. :)

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