Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AND IT'S A..............


Yes people that's name Thornton will be here in August! LOL!! We bought a new name book yesterday at the store (although I haven't even started looking yet), and the new game plan idea (thanks E!) is for me to go through the entire book, write down the ones I really like, and then hubby will go through my list and narrow it down. Which by the way I really think is a good idea, because this way, we'll wind up with a name we both like. :) Below are some pictures of our little bundle of blue joy....he was moving like a maniac, probably because I drank a big 'ol McDonald's iced tea on my way to the appointment! Hubby got upset, but I was like seriously....I want to make sure the baby flaunts what they've got....and sure enough, the second the device was placed in the gel on my stomach the tech goes "well...." and hubby said "THAT IS A BOY!" And it was. :) It was so amazing to see him moving all around, flashing his little thumbs (he looks like my mom when she dances) like Fonzie. We got some great photos of his face, and to be perfectly honest, he is definitely a Miranda. His profile looks very similar to my brother.
When baby boy was measured, he was right at 1lb, and even though I was 20 weeks and 3 days, he was measuring 21 weeks and 6 days! So at this point he's about 1.5 weeks early! So we're going to keep an eye on him, and if I continue to show bigger than I should be then we'll have an ultrasound probably in early July to see if they'll induce me early, or if he leveled off. :)
I am so terribly excited. I just cannot even believe it. I'm gonna have a baby boy. :)

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