Monday, March 29, 2010


I AM SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!! 26 hours from now I'll be at the doctors office waiting patiently (HA) to find out about our little Baby T. :) I am still thinking boy....if for the only reason that we do not have a single boy name...and you know kids...they love to spite their parents. That being said, I have been dreaming about a little we'll see! I am so totally confused at this point.

Also...Baby has decided play time is at 5 in the morning. Which by the way is when I have to get up to potty. And then there I my child kicks me. Don't get me wrong...I definitely cherish those moments, I just wish baby liked to party in the afternoon instead of in the morning. :)

I am also nervous about tomorrow....I'm afraid to get on the scale! My appetite has DEFINITELY increased since my last visit, and I'm afraid I've put on too much weight! YIKES!! I don't want to put on too much because I don't want it to be too difficult to get off. Oh well....nothing I can do about it at this point I guess. :)

Okay...that's all for now. Back to work I go. more thing...please pray for my friend J who lost her mother to cancer this weekend. Her mom was only 59 years old....the entire family is of course devastated. So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers...and J if you happen to read my blog....I Love You!

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