Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Door Closes...See Window...Window's Locked....


Okay, so we spent too much money. We were going to overdraw our account. THEN, my husband receives a check in the mail for a survey he took in just the right amount to deposit into our account. No overdraw. Which makes me think, HE does provide for us. He is our strength, rock, and saviour. Yes, I'm talking about Jesus, and God...not hubby. Although he does provide for me.....

When he received the check in the mail hubby said to me...isn't it funny that whenever we are about to overdraw our account, somehow we wind up with money to cover it? Yes I said....very funny. Naturally, being who I am, I begin to think about our baby journey. I felt at peace with it. I know that when HE is ready for us to conceive, we will. And I felt amazing all day yesterday. And then today happens.

I had my first apointment with my new obgyn this morning. I explained my medical history, and told her that my previous doctor used to tell me that my cervix liked to hide. So there I THE ROOM...feet in stirrups (not pants), feeling slightly uncomfortable, when she says, "I think I want to send you in for an ultrasound". She must have heard the panic in my voice as I said "what for?"...because she then very nicely explained that I have some "abnormality" in my hooha...that makes me "special"...and she just wants to check it out to make sure it isn't something we need to worry about. W T F ?!?!? I mean jeez...I have been seeing gynos since what....17 or 18 years old?? NO ONE THOUGHT TO MENTION TO ME THAT MY HOOHA WAS SPECIAL?!?!

So, needless to say...I am now incredibly freaked out. I don't ask for prayer...but please keep me in your I try to figure out what on earth is going on. I have an ultrasound next week.....I swear...if it isn't one's another....

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  1. Melanie! You've got my head spinning, wondering what your doctor saw...I'll keep my guesses to myself. Hopefully whatever it is, having that information will help you and the husband make a baby!