Monday, October 12, 2009

Another month....Another visit.....

Well, we are getting ready to start our 5TH MONTH! Or rather 5th cycle of trying to get pregnant. Each month is highly anticipated, followed by a let down. We've decided we're not going to "try" for a while. Although, we won't be doing anything to prevent us from getting pregnant, I think part of the problem is I am just so anxious about it. So no more trying to get pregnant...just enjoying life and my hubby.

Speaking of hubby, he left this am to go to Atlanta for the week. Some convention or something about different things that they sell at the store. So I'm all alone this week...just me and the poochies. :)

The weekend was VERY busy. Friday night we had dinner with hubby's brother and his partner, and we also kept my bff's baby boy. LOVE HIM. :) It was a fun time. And of course the food was fantastic. Although, it was difficult to eat while entertaining a 6 month old. If it had been my baby, probably would have gotten a sitter. But I did enjoy every minute of being with him. He is such an adorable little thing...just makes my heart melt looking into his sweet face.

Saturday morning was up early and getting ready to go. We had a 2 hour drive to Jasper, Indiana for hubby's family reunion. It was...OK. We drove 2 hours to spend time with his family, which we could've done with a 20 minute drive. I mean it's possible I guess that some people hung out with other colored shirts (we were blue), but hubby and I stuck with our blue peeps. We ended up staying the night at a hotel, and quite frankly....that was the best part. We stayed up late with his aunt, two uncles, and some cousins. We had an absolute ball.

Sunday was up early again to head back to the 'ville. We did some cleaning, hubby's brother came over and hung up some pictures, I did some grocery shopping, and then we went to my aunt & uncles house for dinner. We are planning my brother's couple's shower, which is in 2 weeks. Coming up quick I tell you what! In just 4 weeks we'll be getting last minute stuff for our trip to FLORIDA! Can not wait. :) I guess that's all for now. I'll talk to you soon. :)


  1. hey I did get a sitter ;)

  2. silly goose! Meaning if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't take a baby to dinner that late. haha