Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WHOA BABY! many things are going on right now. :) First, and kind of random....I posted like 2 weeks ago on facebook "3 WEEKS BABY", which for anyone who really knows me knows that I meant moving into our new house...which is now down to 1.5 weeks....HOWEVER...some people decided that it meant I was pregnant and either due in 3 weeks or would be finding out the sex in 3 weeks. I was beyond mortified. So yeah just wanted to share...

On another note...WE MOVE IN 1.5 WEEKS!!! I can't hardly believe it. :) It is so incredibly exciting. I was going to take the 3rd of April off which is the day we are set to close...but this morning, my mom told me that she and my dad have decided to pay for our HOUSE TO BE PAINTED!! Talk about excited. :) I was beyond. :) So...after we close on the house that morning, I'll be coming to work, and Geoffrey is going to take care of a few things at the house, and then the painters will be coming that afternoon!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. :)

OH...on a different note, my brother and his fiance bought a house! It's a it needs some serious WORK, but they're both so excited about it, and thats the main focus. So my mom calls me yesterday evening and guess when Matthew is closing....I was like let me guess...April 3....yup. Sure enough, we close at 9am, and my mom is then going to rush over to my brothers closing which will be at 11am. INSANE! So now I don't know if we'll have help moving into our house that weekend from my parents or what. I haven't talked to my brother yet to see what his plan is.

Here's our moving game plan.....we are having the POD delivered on Friday April 3...their automated service will call me sometime on Thursday to let me know a 3 hour time frame of when they'll be there. So after we close, Geoff is going to the house to take care of a few meeting the DirecTV people (hopefully haven't scheduled this yet), and getting the brackets set up for our flatscreen over the fire place and that sort of a thing. He wanted to get that taken care of BEFORE the painters got there. So the painters will get there sometime after lunch and do their thing. I'm hoping they get everything painted before Saturday...but I'm not going to stress out about it if they don't. :) Game plan for Saturday is to unload the POD....I have them coming back to pick it up on Monday, so whatever we don't get moved out and put into the house I just want it all moved into the least that way they can come and pick up the POD and we'll be able to park in our own driveway. :) I'm hoping we'll have some help on Saturday, but if it's just Geoff and myself I'm sure we'll get it all taken care of...we'll see I guess. :) Then the plan for Sunday and Monday (we're both off Monday) is to get everything put away and situated. My brother-in-law used to own a he is completely in charge of where things are going to go in my kitchen. I asked him to take care of it because he knows more so than I do what should be where so it will be utilized the best. So I'm very thankful for him. And my other brother-in-law is in charge of where all the furniture is going to go and how it should be positioned and that sort of a thing. He has a knack for interior designing, so I just go with the flow with him. :) I also have a few friends who are RIDICULOUSLY organized and for lack of a better word, anal about throwing things away, and I told them that I'm going to create 3 piles in the garage...keep...garage sale...pitch. Hopefully we'll then have no clutter, and our basement storage area won't be filled to the brim. :)

Well, thats all I have for now. Hope all is well with you, and I"ll talk to you soon!

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