Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Travelling with Benny Boo

Well, we took our very first family road trip! We had SO much fun...at the beginning......

We left on a Wednesday morning...woke up early, and planned to leave the house by 6am! So, when we left at 6:45 I handled things surprisingly well. I'm not one who likes to be late places, and when it comes to travelling my husband is even worse! He is NOT a stop and get a magazine and coffee type of person before getting on an airplane. LOL! I had woken Benny up at like 5:15 so that we could time our departure with him being ready to go down for a nap. Worked like a charm! He slept almost all the way to Tennessee....definitely all the way through Lexington and London, KY. We made our first pit stop at the Welcome Center in Tennessee. We let Ben get out and stretch his legs, and we stayed for like 15-20 minutes...of which I could NOT get Ben to eat. I had used some bottled water that we had in the car...not in a cooler, just room temperature. The kid refused to eat it. So we were getting antsy to leave so I just filled up a bottle with some hotter water from the faucet at the Welcome Center (it was really clean...trust me I checked it out) and I sat in the back with him and fed him in the car. Our next stop was for lunch at Arby's.

And then we arrived in Charlotte! We stayed with Geoffy's Aunt Mary & Uncle Ken. We had an absolutely fabulous time. We played games, and pretty much just relaxed. The funniest part to me was that the second we got there, Aunt Mary took Ben from me, and within a few minutes Ben was hugging and kissing all over her. It was the absolute cutest thing! We stayed there for a few days and then headed up to Richmond,VA. Now there is where things begin to go terribly wrong......

We got to Richmond about 5:30 on Friday evening. My cousin who we were staying with called and told us that he had to go and pick his twins up from daycare early because one of them had thrown up. But, he said that sometimes if they eat too quickly then they throw up all of their bottle....which Ben has done before when he was smaller. So, we didn't think anything of it. We stayed, and Saturday went for a walk and just hung out. It was great...and then as the night turned to morning things took a turn for the worse......

Around 12:30am I woke up and started to get sick to my stomach....this happened every hour until 7:30am. Then Geoff started....and he was throwing up every hour....and then like 8 hours later poor Benny started. We were quite a sight. Needless to say, our trip to DC and to the Picasso exhibit got cancelled. We were still able to make the last leg of our trip which was driving to Geoff's Uncle Pat & Aunt Mary Jane's house before coming home. We played some video games, and had a nice dinner. Then on Tuesday we got up and headed home. Even though he still wasn't feeling very well, Ben did amazing once again in the car. He just started to get upset the very last leg, and pretty much fussed the entire way home from Lexington. It took us a while to get back into a routine and schedule, and eating food other than bland and tasteless. HA!

All in all it was a good trip, and we were able to spend some quality time with family. I think we're going to go back again...but this time in two long weekends. It means more driving, but I think it will work out better. :) Hope all is well with you, and have a Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

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