Friday, March 25, 2011

Benny's First Day

Well, needless to say, my son's first day at day care clearly was harder on me than it was him!! On his note from the teacher it showed all that he had eaten (like a little piggy) and how well he had slept (2 2 hour naps!). When I went and picked him up he was jumping in a stationary jumper. I walked in and I swear to goodness his entire face lit up and he started bouncing like crazy...I scooped him up and got just the absolute biggest little hug. :) Made this momma's day. Especially after having such a long day wondering how he was doing every two seconds. :) Today is going much easier....still can't wait to go and get my sweet boy, but I feel so much better knowing he did so well yesterday. Hopefully we get another great report this afternoon!!


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