Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sad day for mommy....

Well, today was a sad first for me....Benny's first day at daycare. He'll be there two days a week, which all in all is not a bad gig. I still am home with him the other days, and this is more like a playgroup than being enrolled in daycare. Geoff dropped him off this morning and said he was all smiles and sat playing with some toys next to a little girl who is his age (she is 2 days older to be exact) ;) I was doing fine with everything...I toured the facility, I met the teacher, the director, and assistant director. I chose where he would be going...the assistant directors name looked SO familiar to me...and after she gave me the tour I just couldn't place where I knew her from. Well, then we met some friends at our church fish fry last Friday, and lo and behold there she was working in the kitchen serving up fish! That made my decision a no brainer. If that wasn't a sign from God I don't know what is! It definitely makes me feel better knowing my son is at a facility where they know us outside of daycare....they know us through Church. Not to say that he'll get extra attention or anything like that, but even just for him to be able to see them outside of an environment where mommy & daddy leave him makes me feel better. Although regardless of feeling better, last night I bawled. I was finishing up getting his things ready for his first day, and I just absolutely lost it in the kitchen. I cried again when I left the house this morning. Hopefully the day goes by quickly and I can go and scoop up my precious angel. :) I'll make an 8 MONTH OLD post tomorrow and be sure to tell you all about his first day. :) Pray for me friends....I need some extras today.

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