Friday, July 2, 2010

Week 34!!

Week 34 of Pregnancy
A boy baby's testicles descend this week (whoopee!), but Mom should also look out below - and above - as her vision becomes less sharp.

What's new this week? Your baby is clocking in at five pounds and could be as tall as 20 inches by now, and the vernix (the white coating protecting your baby's skin) is getting thicker. This week, a boy's testicles start making their way down from his abdomen to their final destination: his scrotum (look out below!). While about three to four percent of boys are born with undescended testicles, it's nothing to worry about - they usually head downtown before junior turns a year old. In other baby-related developments, those tiny fingernails have probably reached the tips of his fingers by now - and getting ready for that first postpartum manicure.

Once again....AMAZED at the progress my Ben will make this week. I can't believe he's five pounds. That just seems insane. AND IT'S JULY!!! COMPLETELY RIDICULOUSLY INSANE!!! I mean my son could be here in 4 weeks. That is craziness. I mean don't get me wrong....I am so past the "isn't pregnancy fun" stage....and now I feel like a big fat cow, I'm uncomfortable, and hott as all get out...therefore ready for him to be here. It just seems surreal. I think I might talk to my doctor next week about her thoughts on inducing....just to see what she thinks. Hubby wants to just "be surprised" as to when Ben will get here....but I dunno....I need a light at the end of my that says if he isn't here by x, he will be by y. We shall see.

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC 4th of July weekend....we're headed to the Lake for my family festivities. Could go REALLY well, or REALLY not well. LOL...I'll have to let you know which. xoxo

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