Friday, January 8, 2010

Let It Snow....Let It Snow....Let It Snow!

Wow! So we got our first "big" snow of the season yesterday! I say "big" because it's 3"...which by the way is a LOT for Kentucky....not so much for people up in Michigan, or any of the other states that have multiple FEET right now. I can't even imagine. I'd die. I HATE HATE HATE cold weather. I'd much rather be warm. The only nice thing about cold weather is being bundled up in blankets with your loved ones in front of a fire place. That is it. Everything else about it totally stinks. I mean you get snow on the roads, and suddenly no one can drive. (I mean I don't hubby drove me into work yesterday and today) BUT there are plenty of people who do take it upon themselves to drive, and realistically they shouldn't. We got stuck behind some woman today in a 45mph zone going 20. And the roads really weren't that bad this morning. we're passing her of course I glance over, and she's fumbling with her cigarette. It's like seriously lady? You're going 15mph below the speed limit on a snowy morning and fiddling with a cigarette? Are you kidding me?!?! So that's my snow story. :)

Tomorrow my bestie and I are headed to LexVegas! SO excited!! We're going to see our friend Amanda and her son. We're gonna shop, and eat, and shop some more! I am so terribly excited about this trip. I thought the snow might ruin it and make it so we couldn't go, but we've decided to forge on! Surely by tomorrow the roads will have been driven on for like 2 days and all should be great! YAY!!

Well, that's all for now. Hope you and yours have a fantastic weekend too! xoxo

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