Friday, November 6, 2009

I swear to Goodness....

Once you think you've found peace with something all he%$ breaks loose....once you think you're having a great moment changes everything. This morning started out's Friday, it's sunny, and very warm outside for beginning of November. Then at 11:15am I got the phone call. It was my grandfather wasn't feeling well this week, and my grandmother finally took him to the hospital this morning. My mom and I discussed it this morning and came to the conclusion it might be swine flu....congested, achey, not eating and losing weight. Sadly we were wrong. It's cancer. I really don't know what else to say aside from that. He had all sorts of scans and tests done today, and we won't know how to go about treatment until he hears back from his doctor sometime this afternoon. At this point all we can do is pray and try to stay positive. To quote my brother.... "Let's keep in mind that doctors always lead off with the worst, because it looks better to come back and give good news than bad news. So let's keep positive thoughts and prayers for good news". So this time...I am asking for prayers...I ask for strength for my grandfather to battle the fight he's going to have....and I ask for strength for my grandmother to get through this....Lord knows she's not an emotional rock...and I fear for her. And lastly, please just keep my entire family in your prayers...I know God wouldn't have given us this battle if He didn't think we could handle it...but any thoughts you could send our way would definitely be greatly appreciated.
Love to all xoxo

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  1. I will pray for you and your family. Cancer sucks and its never easy. Believe in the power of prayer and surround yourself with those you love. And remember, God does not give you things that you cannot handle. Be strong for your family and especially for your grandfather, they need you.