Thursday, September 10, 2009

Funny Story

Okay, so hilarious story. I took a pregnancy test yesterday. Negative. Hubby was also not home, so I kind of "hid" it in the bathroom garbage can. By hid, I mean like not well. haha.

So, after he gets home and we get dinner started, I am sitting on the sofa reading my book. I had left some directions on the counter for him to take a look at (we're going to a housewarming party this weekend way out far away), and he sits down next to me on the sofa and says have you even read these directions. I was like yeah, of course I have, shouldn't be too difficult. And then he starts reading from the directions, "99% effective from date of missed period". He had pulled the directions out of the pregnancy test box in the closet to read them to me. THEN tells me that I must hold said pregnancy test in my urine stream for no longer than 5 seconds, and if I pee in a cup then it's 20 seconds. I looked up in surprise and said "TWENTY?!?!?!" Of course I had peed in a cup, and on the last pregnancy test it was the same 5 seconds so that's all I did. I was like OH MY GOSH I COULD'VE HAD A MISREAD I SHOULD TAKE ANOTHER ONE. He was like really think you should wait until you have a missed thing.

So there's my funny story of the day.

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  1. Oh Geoffrey, always the pragmatist...