Friday, May 8, 2009

WHOA! it's been a while since I've last blogged. So much is going on with me!! First, we kept my friends 2 kids last weekend...that was the ages of 7 and almost 5, they were angels except when it was time to get ready for bed. Then the crying we bribed the 7 year old (took a bath with the dogs) and I just told the 5 year old that it was too late for her to go home and she had to stay. Fortunately, she is just little enough that she doesn't know any better and naturally once they were both still for longer than 2 seconds they fell right to sleep. :)

OH...also, last weekend was our 4th Annual Derby Party! It was great fun....we had a TON of people over, and everyone brought a dish, and it was so much fun. The rain held off...but we ended up staying indoors the entire day anyways. We had 2 sets of cornhole, and not one game was played. It was a fantastic day though...and what a Derby! The long-shot won by a LANDSLIDE. It was totally crazy. Then on Sunday my hubby let me sleep in until almost 10. It was awesome. Then I woke up to him having made me coffee, and we watched "Snapped"...and for those of you who haven't ever seen that show, it's on Oxygen, and I highly recommend it. It's really awesome...true stories about people who "snap" and kill their spouses, or ex-lovers or something like that. Sounds insane that I like watching that, but's addictive!!

This week has absolutely flown by, and this morning V-E-R-Y E-A-R-L-Y my hubby left to go visit a friend for the weekend. :( I am feeling nervous and anxious about staying in the house by myself for the first time. I'm sure it will go fine...but still a little bit nervous. :) Well, thats really all I have time to chat about right now. I'll try to post again after the weekend. Happy Mother's day to all you mother's!! I'll talk to you later. ;)

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