Thursday, December 30, 2010

22 Weeks

Baby will soon be able to grip his own bottle, but he's still not ready to drink from it unsupervised. Falling asleep with milk pooled around his mouth can lead to an ear infection, and he also could choke on the milk. Better safe than sorry, especially when baby is learning a new skill.
Blocks are a great toy for him--they're big enough for him to grab and encourage the thumb-and-forefinger grip that he'll continue to develop over the coming months. He's also learning the fun (for him) game of dropping things. Though it might feel as though he's just trying to torture you, he actually likes hearing the sound objects make when they hit the ground.

WOW....22 weeks old. To think when I was 22 weeks pregnant, he had no name, and we had JUST found out he was a he. :) Hard to believe the time has just flown by. It really is crazy to think of how fast a human baby grows. I mean in one year they go from the womb to walking talking little beings. It's just so crazy....

This week some pretty amazing things have happened. First off...Ben actually enjoyed taking a bath....TWICE! So was definitely a nice and MUCH appreciated change from the red in the face screaming that usually ensues upon bath time. He is still smiling all the time, and honestly just such a good boy. He goes down for naps great, and he is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!! SO nice...and again...MUCH appreciated. :)

January is just a mere 38 hours away...which brings with it a brand spankin new year. I know I have already said this before...and I'm sure I'll say it again, but this year has just flown by. It's amazing to think that one year ago, we had just found out we were having a baby. I remember the looks on the faces of my family and friends as we told them we were pregnant, I remember each persons response....good and bad....they are forever etched in my brain. I'll never forget the day I got a positive test. :) I'm anxious to know what 2011 will bring...I have friends and family who are expecting babies, some we know what they're having, and others we don't know yet. I just hope whatever the new year brings for my family it includes happiness, healthfulness, and loads of wonderful memories. :)



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