Sunday, May 15, 2011

I like to move it move it.....

YOWZA! My boy can M-O-V-E!! No walking yet, so my last prediction of him walking by his 9 month was wrong...but he is SO close. He walks all around holding onto furniture, and the Easter Bunny brought him a walking toy that he LOVES. We also got our very first tooth. We were watching the Royal Wedding, and I saw something glimmer in his first I thought he had found something on the floor and then I realized it was a tooth! It's absolutely adorable...and I'm pretty sure we are currently working on more.

Hung out with some friends of ours last night who have a little boy just two weeks younger than Benny....he is working on his MOLARS! He already has 7 teeth. Talk about crazy! Ben got moved into the creeper room at daycare. Now it's him and a bunch of girls. LOL. It's pretty funny to go and pick him up...before he was in a room with little babies who just look at you when you go in, but now he's in a room with all these kiddos that can move and you walk in and they like swarm you. Hilarious. But my poor little Benny boo gets picked on by all those girls. One day he got sat on and poked in the eye. :( Oh well...only make him stronger right???

Other than having a lot of moving going on nothing else of note is happening in our house. Hope things are going well with you and yours!


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